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Listing your property with Scope Locations brings distinct advantages. Firstly, it offers exposure to a broad network of industry professionals, enhancing the likelihood of selection for filming projects and revenue generation. Our agency excels in negotiations, ensuring fair and protective agreements for your interests. We provide comprehensive support throughout the production process, overseeing details and ensuring a seamless experience. By leveraging our focused marketing efforts, your property gains visibility, increasing its chances of being chosen for a variety of projects and maximizing its potential as a profitable filming location.


Upon receiving your property submission, we will quickly notify you of its approval. If accepted, we’ll send you our Agent Agreement through DocuSign for your review and signature. After receiving the signed agreement, we’ll reach out to schedule a property tour and collect any additional photos, if necessary.


We bridge the gap between you and the entertainment industry.

Marketing: Utilizing our expansive network, we adeptly promote your property to a broad array of industry professionals, ensuring maximum exposure.  We list your property on our website.

Negotiation: Drawing upon our expertise, we conduct negotiations that safeguard your interests and secure favorable terms to protect your assets.

Site Representation: We designate a dedicated representative to manage on-location details, ensuring a seamless process from prep to wrap.

Accounting: We handle all financial aspects with transparency and efficiency.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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